SNECURE is a new company that will fulfill people’s need. Snecure is a company that was created on February 2017 by a young talent named Aiman Danial Hassan. It is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This company is a company that provide water repellent and foam sneaker cleaner that can make your shoes looks fresh just like a brand new shoes. Snecure is mainly focus on sneaker secure production.

Why do you need SNECURE in your life ? Every person in this planet hates filthiness, but people cant get away from getting their outfit dirty especially on sneakers. Snecure is the best solution for your sneakers. It’s not just a product, it is people’s need.

Snecure Water Repellent
Our main product was Snecure Water Repellent which can secure your sneakers from dirt, stain, dust and etc. After you spray Snecure on your sneakers, it is just like an invisible coated layer that will 100% secure your sneakers from any kind of liquid that can bead up instead of soaking it. This product can stay up to two weeks once you sprayed it.

Snecure Cleaner
A quick and easy cleaning foam to remove dirt and stains from sporting footwear of all colours. This product is to keep your sneakers clean and fresh. It can be used as a deodoriser and make your sneakers clean just like a brand new pair. It is shaped of foam that is easy to use.